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Engineering of air and flue gas ducts for Sumitomo
We’ve just secured another interesting project with our long time client Sumitomo, where we’ll carry out detailed engineering of air and flue ducts that will be part a Sumitomo boiler upgrade project for their client in Austria. The scope of our work will include engineering of primary and secondary air ducts, as well as flue gas and recirculation flue gas ducts. All final documentation will be delivered to Sumitomo within 10 weeks by the IVITAS engineering and design team.
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High-temperature spring hangers for CEZ
The contracted, IVITAS designed high-temperature spring hangers for CEZ were delivered in early January to the Prunerov II power plant in the Czech Republic. 
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Obrázek (350x250px)23
Design and delivery of high-temperature spring hangers for CEZ
Production of spring hangers to be installed at the Prunerov II power plant (end of Dec./beg of Jan.) was started at the beginning of December.
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Design and delivery of NG heating chamber and burner for VOC elimination technology
Our new business partner, ELVAC EKOTECHNIKA s.r.o., specializes in the supply of technologies for the elimination of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions that arise in various industries.
Obrázek (350x250px)4
Workshop documentation for HSRG boiler headed to Germany
Our designers are currently finalizing workshop documentation for the pressure and non-pressure components of an HRSG boiler for our customer Unis Power (www.unispower.cz), which will be installed in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany.
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IVITAS versatility on stage with Bosch Rexroth
Although we mainly specialize in energy, IVITAS designers also enjoy working on stage technology projects that include the use of hydraulic, electromechanical and hybrid drives, which serve to highlight their technical versatility.
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Design of two-chamber flue gas heat exchanger
In October, we handed over completed workshop documentation to our client ForSTEEL for a two-chamber heat exchanger.
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Natural gas connection study for TAMEH Czech
We have prepared documentation for our client TAMEH Czech s.r.o regarding all-profession project implementation in the reconstruction of a K4 gas boiler to allow for the combustion of natural gas.
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IVITAS piping design implemented for GE Power in the UK
Based on a design provided by IVITAS (read full description of project in news post from August below), GE Power successfully completed reconstruction of steam piping for the first unit of a coal power plant in the United Kingdom.
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Framework agreement signed with Siemens Energy
We’re pleased to announce that a framework agreement was signed with Siemens Energy, s.r.o., o.z. Industrial Turbomachinery in September 2020. The agreement sets the basis of cooperation for design and construction work to be carried out on the technological and structural areas of the steam condensate cycle of industrial steam turbines.
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Optimizing flue gas before absorption - Feasibility Study
We are preparing a feasibility study for our client Sev.en Engineering (www.7energy.com) that involves installation of a mixing module in the flue gas ducts that run between the units and the absorber at the Chvaletice power plant in the Czech Republic.
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A “Natural” Choice for Energy Production
The push towards a greener path of energy production is becoming more and more prevalent across many countries within the European Union and around the world.
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Documentation and supervision of steel structure repair for Veolia
We prepared project documentation for our client Veolia Energie CR regarding the repair of a steel truss structure and crane track in the circulating station of their Trebovice power plant.
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Jumping for charity
On 22.8, we were happy to provide sponsorship support for the 6th Annual Equestrian Competition organized by the Akimarol Stable (www.staj-akimarol.weebly.com) in the city of Stonava, Czech Republic.
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Advanced Documentation for Flue-gas Heat Exchangers
We have established on-going cooperation with the Czech scientific and technological company ForSTEEL for the delivery of heat exchanger documentation.
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Workshop documentation for Lafarge Zementwerke
In July, we submitted workshop documentation for a Cyclone Separator (Vortex Finder) to our client Lafarge Zementwerke, a member of the global Lafarge Holcim Group.
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Detailed design documentation for two Sumitomo SHI FW Energia OY projects in Asia
We've recently delivered detailed design documentation for two Sumitomo SHI FW Energia OY projects (www.shi-fw.com) - one in Taiwan and one in South Korea.
Obrázek (350x250px)16
Piping design for GE Power in the UK
The General Electric Power Engineering Team has once again entrusted IVITAS to provide Steam piping design and documentation for a two-unit coal power plant project in the United Kingdom.
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IVITAS know-how and experience come to Poland
In March of 2020, IVITAS turned their attention to the Polish market with a new addition to the IVITAS team – Business Development Director for Poland Jerzy Modrzejewski.
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Further design work for CEZ’s Tusimice II Power Plant
Our designers are currently busy with creating workshop documentation for a selection of pressure and non-pressure components in four boilers of 200 MWe units within the planned overhaul of the Tusimice II power plant (operated by CEZ).
Obrázek (350x250px)18
A new generation of talent joins the IVITAS engineering team
We’re happy to welcome the newest member of the IVITAS engineering team, Project Designer Jan Kucera. Jan is a recent graduate of the Brno University of Technology, where he majored in process engineering and power engineering.