Obrázek 350x25010
Natural gas connection study for TAMEH Czech
We have prepared documentation for our client TAMEH Czech s.r.o regarding all-profession project implementation in the reconstruction of a K4 gas boiler to allow for the combustion of natural gas. The boiler, which is at a TAMEH Czech operated heating unit within the Liberty Ostrava, a.s. steel plant, is currently fueled with blast furnace and coke oven gas. The addition of natural gas as a fuel for the boiler, based on IVITAS project documentation, will ensure that emission limits (valid from 2021) are met for its combined combustion gas output.
Obrázek 350x2509
Detail design of pipes in the turbine house
Detail design documentation of pipes including strength and stress calculations.
Obrázek 350x2507
Design of two-chamber flue gas heat exchanger
Workshop documentation for a two-chamber heat exchanger to heat combustion gas and air utilizing blast furnace flue gas. Our static calculation and optimization of the heat exchanger steel structure design respect the highest working temperature of flue gases (400 °C for up to 15 min.) and operating temperature of the blast furnace gas (240 °C max. at the highest working overpressure of 20 kPa).
Obrázek 350x25012
Project documentation for the hall of the waste crushing line
Project documentation for the hall of the metal waste crushing line and the iron fraction sorting building. Both sets are part of the technological equipment for metal waste crushing in Vysoke Myto.
Obrázek 350x25011
Detail engineering – piping design
Pipeline detail engineering for a gas cooling system.
Obrázek 350x2505
Vent steam silencers
Design, manufacture and supply of three silencers for the new steam gas boiler room at OP Papirna Olsany (member of delfort International)
Obrázek 350x2508
Gas boiler-rooms (project documentation)
Project documentation for the issuance of a building permit, engineering and processing of all-cost project documentation for the construction of two gas boiler rooms in the premises of Iveco Czech Republic in Vysoke Myto.