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A new generation of talent joins the IVITAS engineering team
We’re happy to welcome the newest member of the IVITAS engineering team, Project Designer Jan Kucera. Jan is a recent graduate of the Brno University of Technology, where he majored in process engineering and power engineering.

As Project Designer in the team, Jan’s responsibilities include communication with investors, creating project documentation based on legal requirements, technical drawings, writing descriptions of project processes/parameters, and creating 2D/3Dmodels with AutoCAD and AutoDesk Inventor software.

Jan is originally from the Moravian town of Lostice, which is located about 130 km from IVITAS headquarters in Ostrava. Surprisingly enough, the seed of interest in thermodynamics was first planted during his time in secondary school, where his teachers and classmates introduced him to this field of study. This initial interest further evolved over the years into power engineering, thereby setting the trajectory for his future profession.

Jan is no stranger to IVITAS, as he had completed a successful internship from May to August 2019 in the IVITAS engineering department. During his four months in the company, Jan worked on technical drawings of air preheaters, superheaters and natural gas piping using AutoCAD software.

When asked how he found first came across IVITAS, Jan replied, “I did my own research on power engineering companies in Ostrava and found IVITAS. Their specialized services were completely in line with my interests and studies, so I contacted them. From our very first conversation, they were open to speaking with me and supporting my first steps in the power engineering field. This led to an internship offer soon afterwards.”

Upon graduation, he approached IVITAS for full-time employment. Jan was quick to give his reason why he chose them, “IVITAS believed in me when I was a student and provided me with valuable experience during my last year at the university. I appreciated their support, was very impressed with their list of references, and enjoyed working with the extremely knowledgeable engineers on the IVITAS team. It was an easy choice for the start my career.”

Jan’s activities during his free time include jogging, swimming and cycling. His newest hobbies are ice-skating and surfing. Although ice-skating does not seem out of place for someone living in a landlocked country like the Czech Republic, surfing could raise a few eyebrows. When questioned about this newest activity, Jan explained, “ I discovered surfing during a recent vacation to the island of Madeira, Portugal, and absolutely fell in love with it! I definitely plan to spend more time on the waves during future trips to oceanside destinations.”

IVITAS looks forward to Jan making a strong contribution to the engineering team going forward and adding additional value to the top-level service IVITAS provides to its national and international clients.

Welcome aboard, Jan!