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IVITAS GREEN POWER – Go “green” with your next project

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new company - IVITAS GREEN POWER - and the launch of their website at

IVITAS GREEN POWER specialize in the design, engineering and implementation of advanced, environmentally-friendly solutions for the industrial production of electricity, heat and cold.

Going hand-in-hand with their extensive industrial design and engineering experience is the utilization of CAPSTONE GREEN ENERGY turbines as part of their industrial solutions, which help ensure the operations of IVITAS GREEN POWER customers will be fully cost-optimized and shine bright green. 

CAPSTONE microturbines feature only one moving part and utilize “air bearings” in their operation, which greatly reduce maintenance requirements and lead to an extremely long, and profitable, service life.

Visit the IVITAS GREEN ENERGY website today at to learn more about their services and the value they can provide for your next industrial project.