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IVITAS know-how and experience come to Poland
In March of 2020, IVITAS turned their attention to the Polish market with a new addition to the IVITAS team – Business Development Director for Poland Jerzy Modrzejewski. As an engineer with close to forty years of international experience in power plant technology, Modrzejewski is a welcome addition to the team that will assist in bringing their extensive know-how in engineering and design to companies on the Polish market.

“We were searching for a highly experienced and respected professional in the power generation field to offer our services to the Polish market. Jerzy fit the profile perfectly. We’re looking forward to him representing IVITAS in Poland”, said IVITAS CEO and Chairman of the Board Pavel Dostal. Modrzejewski then added, “I’m confident the leading know-how and technical expertise IVITAS brings to Poland will benefit many companies that require their services. I see a very bright future ahead.”

IVITAS sat down with Modrzejewski to talk about his background, education, professional experience, the current state of Polish energy generation and how he sees his role with IVITAS developing in the future.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your educational background?

Sure. I was born in Bytom, Poland, which is a smaller city near Katowice. I was always interested in power generation technology and turbines, which led me to attend the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. I gained a Masters of Science degree in Mechanics at the university, with a specialization in Power Engineering. I then continued with my postgraduate studies and received a Diploma in Rotating Machinery Diagnostics.

In later years, I received a Diploma in Management Training for the British Industry, which was confirmed by the Confederation of British Industry. While in the U.K., I also studied how to switch from coal power plants to other forms of fuel, as well as diagnosis of power plant machinery.

What about your experience in the power generation industry?

Well, after graduating from the university, I secured my first job as a hydraulic systems designer in the Industrial Furnaces Department at HUTMASZPROJEKT – HAPEKO in Katowice. I then moved on to ZRE Katowice, where I was employed for about 10 years as a Diagnostic Engineer and Project Manager. I also served as Project Manager for power plant overhaul projects, as well as turbine installations and restoration projects. The projects I worked on were located across Europe, which included Poland, the Czech Republic, the Balkans and UAE.

A big project I worked on for almost three years was the Prunerov Power Plant in the Czech Republic, which was a complete reconstruction project. I served as a Diagnostic Engineer, Project Manager and Vice-President. It was a very interesting and fulfilling time for me.

I also cooperated with the Skoda plant in Pilsen, Czech Republic, where I was working with steam turbines.

In 2004, I started work with Foster Wheeler OY Finland as Purchasing Manager for a project in Lomelina, Italy and a separate project that required delivery of a boiler for a Waste to Energy plant in Milan. In 2005, I transferred back home to Foster Wheeler Energia Polska as Subcontracting Manager for two big projects for two power plants – Project Lagisza for delivery of a 460 MW fluid bed boiler and Project Czestochowa for delivery of a 186 MW fluid bed boiler.

Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Germany was my last employer before I started my own consulting company in 2014. Bilfinger specializes in thermal insulation, refractory, cladding and roofing systems, as well as maintenance services in power generation and the power industry. I spent a very busy four years there as a Commercial Director and Key Client Director.

When did you first come into contact with IVITAS and what led to your employment with them?

I was first introduced to IVITAS three years ago during a project I was working on together with the Czech company Hutni Montaze, which recommended IVITAS as reliable and skilled professionals that can be trusted. Fast forward to March this year, at the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, when we contacted each other and agreed on starting cooperation. I guess you could say with all of the negative effects of the epidemic, I am able to take one positive out of it.

Can you talk about your new role with IVITAS?

In my new role as Business Development Director for Poland, I am contacting Polish companies that need an experienced partner for advanced pipeline design and delivery services, as well as assembly and design services. IVITAS is different from other, large companies, as they are very flexible and can react extremely quickly to client requests.

I’m happy to say that right after starting work for IVITAS, I was able to secure two projects for them with the company SUMITOMO SHI FW ENERIA OY. The first is a pipeline design project for a power generation plant in Taiwan. The second is design of instrument air piping for a Boiler project in South Korea. In addition to these two confirmed contracts, I have other projects that are currently in negotiation.

What do you think the future holds for IVITAS on the Polish market?

The future is very bright indeed for IVITAS on the Polish market. One important upcoming development is that the EU is mandating a reduction in the use of coal for energy production. In fact, by 2040 the government is aiming for only 60% of energy to be produced by coal and 40% by other sources of fuel. As almost all energy in Poland is currently produced with coal, a huge transformation will be taking place in coal-based power plants across the country to the “other” forms of fuel, which I predict will be natural gas.

Regarding natural gas, it’s interesting to note that Poland currently has a large supply of this fuel that’s already imported into the country. One source is a Russian pipeline with natural gas into Poland, and the other is a fleet of natural gas tankers that come into Polish ports from America. An additional important development will come to fruition in October 2022, when a natural gas pipeline from Norway to Poland will start operation.

Considering these three sources of natural gas, companies in Poland will be in a good position to negotiate advantageous prices that will help drive the important changeover to natural gas.

IVITAS is already well-equipped to offer their services to Polish companies during this transformation and assist them in making this important changeover.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

One of my favourite activities is to go cycling with my wife after work, as well as hiking in the nearby mountains. Of course, I also enjoy going to the beach. I especially like traveling to the Balkan sea, which is a result of the extended time I had spent in the past working on projects in this region.

I also enjoy sailing, but for now, only as a passenger in my son’s sailboat. But maybe I’ll get my Captain’s license in the future. We’ll see.

Since 1996, IVITAS has specialized in designing technological systems for capital investments within the Czech Republic and abroad, with a strong specialization in power generation and technological installations. The high level of know-how and design expertise IVITAS brings to each and every project has gained them a long list of clients that include GE Power, ArcelorMittal, CEZ and others.