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Piping design for GE POWER in the UK
The GENERAL ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING Team has once again entrusted IVITAS to provide steam piping design and documentation for a two-unit coal power plant project in the United Kingdom.

“IVITAS provided valued technical knowledge and skilled engineering personnel for design work on the first unit of this GE POWER project in the United Kingdom. Cooperation with them was very professional and the outcome fully met our expectations. We now look forward to IVITAS continuing work on the additional two units at the plant.”

Lukas Baranek
Project Engineering Manager
Steam Power

Project Overview:

As with the previous work carried out by IVITAS at the first unit of the UK plant, the brief from GE POWER is to prepare detailed design documentation for the steam piping for the second unit.

The complete scope of work includes following detailed steam piping design documentation based on a 3D laser scan survey. Documentation includes calculations, a 3D model and isometric drawings of pipes, which includes hangers, supports and the steel structure.

Working around COVID-19 travel restrictions with 3D Laser Scanning:

For most projects, an on-site presence of IVITAS technical staff is needed in advance, and during, the design work phase to survey the space, take all measurements and hold conversations with the local team. For work carried out in 2019 on the first unit of the plant, IVITAS cooperated closely with the Czech company GEFOS ( for providing 3D laser scans of the relevant areas to gather the crucial data IVITAS required to start design work.

For the follow-up project at the second unit, travel restrictions imposed by European countries due to the COVID-19 virus made it impossible to visit the UK plant to carry out the same laser scanning activities that were done at the first unit. To successfully move forward with the project, it was necessary for a 3D laser scan to be realized remotely via a local British company. After successfully negotiating this logistics hurdle, IVITAS has started on design work.

This project serves as an example of how IVITAS is capable of working remotely on any project in the world by combining the high technical knowledge of its employees and utilization of today’s advanced technologies.