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Third stage of GE POWER Hot Reheat Pipework Replacement project in the U.K.

Our cooperation with GE POWER for carrying out design and engineering work for the Hot Reheat Pipework Replacement project at three units of their coal power plant in the United Kingdom continues with the third, and last, unit at the plant. Design/Engineering work for steam piping at the first two units of the plant was carried out by IVITAS in 2019 and 2020.

For the last unit at the U.K. power plant, the IVITAS team will provide detailed design/engineering for reheated steam piping, drain piping and unloading pipelines. Our scope of work will include the provision of piping and fitting calculations, stress analysis, isometric drawings, 3D model, beveling details, hangers and support specifications, auxiliary steel structure documentation, atypical hanger and support drawings, detailed designs, and as-built documentation based on so-called „red correct“ delivered by GE POWER.

The contract for this last unit of the U.K. Hot Reheat Pipework Project was signed with the Swiss branch of GE POWER.