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Design of Coke Gas Steam Heater for ARCELORMITTAL / TOPLANA ZENICA

ARCELORMITTAL ( once again put their trust in the know-how and extensive technical capabilities of IVITAS for the design, production, delivery and commissioning of a new autonomous coke gas steam heater for a new gas boilers project through JV – TOPLANA ZENICA (




  • Design, production, delivery and commissioning of autonomous Coke Gas Heater with accessories
  • Propose two potential methods for heating incoming coke gas Glycol based antifreeze or steam
  • Raise coke gas inlet temperature from 10° – 25° C to 60° C
  • Design a humidity monitoring system for heat exchanger output
  • Prevent fouling (condensation) of gas paths, gas fittings, and gas burners

Heating solution agreed with ARCELORMITTAL and delivered by IVITAS:

  • Autonomous Coke Gas Steam Heater
    • Heat exchanger
    • Transition piping
    • Steam and condensation piping and valves
    • Temperature measurement
    • Controller
    • Control/Power Cables
    • Design of input/output connections to Boiler DCS
    • Humidity monitoring of heat exchanger output

Project Overview

As part of its clean energy initiative, ARCELORMITTAL set out in 2018 to establish a new, efficient Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP) – TOPLANA ZENICA – for producing district heat for the Bosnian city of Zenica, as well as most of the energy required by ARCELORMITTAL’s steelworks. The new plant would replace the older, less efficient coal-based steam boilers that were currently in use at the time for heating operations.

Part of the CHP project required the design of a coke gas steam heater, with all related accessories, that would heat incoming coke gas with a temperature of 10° – 25° C to a final output temperature of 60° C. 

The main challenge of the project was not only the design of a system that efficiently heats the coke gas, and delivers it effectively, but also prevents naphthalene build-up in the gas paths, fittings and burners.  

To provide an efficient and reliable solution, ARCELORMITTAL turned to the highly experienced and trusted professionals at IVITAS.


For its part in the project, it was agreed with ARCELORMITTAL that IVITAS would only supply key equipment that would have a fundamental impact on the function of the unit. Based on IVITAS documentation, all pipe connections and adapters for the project would then be manufactured and installed locally to optimize costs.

IVITAS was tasked with the design of a heat exchanger with real-time temperature measuring, steam and condensation piping/valves, controller, control/power cabling and input connections to the Boiler DCS.

After initial review of the project by IVITAS, and further technical discussions between IVITAS and ARCELORMITTAL / TOPLANA ZENICA, it was agreed that humidity measurement of the heat exchanger output would also be included in the final delivered solution for monitoring of steam leakage.

IVITAS delivers a solution

The complete solution proposed by IVITAS is expected to meet all required parameters, is fully anti-flammable and gave ARCELORMITTAL / TOPLANA ZENICA a choice between using antifreeze or steam. 

All design documentation for the required equipment was shipped to ARCELORMITTAL / TOPLANA ZENICA in July 2019. After confirmation that initial construction work at the plant was complete, all equipment and installation/operational manuals in the client’s local languages were sent out and arrived on-site at the beginning of May 2020. 

Installation and Performance

The Coke Gas Steam Heater was put into full operation in April 2021. 

The newly constructed plant utilizes coke gas and blast furnace gases from the steelworks as fuel and has a steam production capacity of 150 t/hour (37 bar, 420° C).  

Due to the high-level design and extremely efficient operation of the plant, which operates in accordance with best EU practices and environmental norms, emissions of CO2, dust, NOx and SO2 will be greatly reduced.

Helping its customers go green

IVITAS is happy to be part of ARCELORMITTAL’s clean air initiative by providing part of the solution that delivers cleaner, greener heat to the Bosnian city of Zenica and the nearby ARCELORMITTAL steelworks.



Location: Zenica, Bosnia

Implementation: 2021