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We are currently working on a fresh, new IVITAS website that will provide an extensive overview of our services and better user experience. We’re looking forward to sharing it with you in the near future.

Printing and copy services

Czech version only Read more

Part time job for students

Are you interested in gaining new working experience? Join our team, now! Read more

Boiler Conference Brno 2017

IVITAS introduced boiler concept for black coal multidust combustion Read more

TPP Detmarovice – gas boiler room extension

IVITAS drew up the project documentation for building permit and the technical part of the tender documentation

Orifice plates

Orifice plates installation for K3 boiler at Thermal power plant Chvaletice was successfully completed in December 2016. Read more


IVITAS successfully put into operation 8 pcs of silencers for Ledvice gas-fired power plant. Read more

Prunerov power plant (3x250MWe) – complex rehabilitation

IVITAS is the author of conceptual design and realization documentation for the boiler rehabilitation project. Currently, supervision services are provided by IVITAS in line with finalization works and hand-over to the investor.

SCR reactor – Detmarovice power plant

IVITAS realizes first ever SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) reactor in the Czech Republic. Read more

Detmarovice power plant (DeNOx program)

IVITAS is the author of conceptual design of the primary measures and realization documentation for the boiler rehabilitation project (fuel - hard coal).

We propose solutions for meeting stricter emission limits

The current trend of tightening emission limits for energy production brings new challenges for investors and operators. What kind of challenges
does this entail? AF Power_PowerGen2015.pdf

First installation of an SCR reactor (Selective Catalytic Reaction) in the Czech Republic

IVITAS team has delivered a conceptual solution of flue gas lines and an implementation project of the SCR reactor cabinet for this project. All for Power 1-2015_SCR Reactor_English.pdf

Beater wheel mills optimisation

Milling operation as a part of an effective combustion technology – function of innovated beaters in the milling process. Construction and Investors' Magazine No. 9 2013.pdf

Beater Wheel Mills - Regulated by frequency converters

This article is a summary of a newly developed beater wheel mill prototype which features a variable frequency drive. The proposal for the mill was supplied and tested by IVITAS and its partner - MORE s.r.o. within the research project subsidized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as implementation support from the CEZ Group. 

„D-Day“ to meet the new emission limits is approaching. IVITAS is offering solutions

With a few exceptions, a new erea of more stringent emission limits for energy sources go into effect on 1 January 2016.  What does this mean? For new energy sources, a highly professional approach in the design stage is necessary.  For existing energy sources, modification of existing technology and optimization of operations is needed.  IVITAS has a wealth of specialized experienced in designing boilers for energy sources and offers solution studies and projects aimed at reducing emissions from existing or new power sources. 

Results of the guarantee tests on boilers 21 and 22 at the Tusimice II Electric Power Plant

From 24 - 27 October 2011 and10 - 12 April 2012, respectively, type “A” guarantee tests were carried out on the two new boilers (21 and 22) at the Tusimice II Electric Power Plant  to demonstrate compliance with all contractually agreed parameters. The article describes the process and results of this test. In conclusion, the author talks about the combustion test facility, which tests the combustion of coal, and is operated by IVITAS in Ostrava. 

Preparation for meeting the new emission limits for power is required

Existing legislation (Government Decree 146 and 372/2007 Coll.) regarding compliance with the stricter new emission limits and group emission ceilings for energy equipment operators is valid from 1 January  2016. 

IVITAS, a.s.

Performance of the company. Our company’s motto is to search for opportunities and areas for further development in problem situations. 

IVITAS, a.s. - Not only power engineering

For the restoration of lower Vitkovice, IVITAS was chosen to map the above ground pipelines and buildings schematic of the national cultural monuments so a three-dimensional model of the existing state could be created. 

IVITAS is at it again

The preparation of a restoration project for the Prunerov II Electric Power Plant resulted in another contract. For IVITAS and its partners, this means working from the designing stage to completion of the project, from the pressure system up to the workshop documentation.