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We design and supply piping for a wide range of liquids and gases.

Detail design of pipes in the turbine house
Detail design documentation of pipes including strength and stress calculations.
Detail engineering – piping design
Pipeline detail engineering for a gas cooling system.

Duct design workshop documentation for SUMITOMO SHI FW

IVITAS designers delivered workshop documentation of air- and flue-gas ducts to SUMITOMO SHI FW. The ducts will be manufactured in accordance with our documentation and be part of a SUMITOMO SHI FW FBC CFB boiler project realized for their end customer in Austria.

Reconstruction of Hot Reheat Pipework for GE POWER in Great Britain

For our client, GE POWER, we delivered detailed engineering documentation for steam, unloading and drain piping of three boilers in a power plant in Great Britain.

Project documentation for steam pipeline at the TAMEH heating plant
In connection with a modernization project for energy operations at the TAMEH heating plant, IVITAS delivered project documentation for implementing the connection of an output steam pipeline from the No. 3 to No. 2 high-pressure steam distributor.
Assembly documentation for high-pressure piping
We delivered assembly documentation for a heat recovery boiler project that our customer Hutni Montaze carried out for a foreign investor. The scope of our work included the routing, positioning and connection of high-pressure pipelines to steel structures.
Assessment of flue gas boiler

We were contracted by our client CS Cabot to assess problems they were experiencing with a flue gas boiler, which has a heat output of 8.25 MW. The heated flue gases utilized by the boiler come from the production of soot.

Flexibility analysis of steam pipelines for CEZ Prunerov Power Plant (EPR II)

We prepared a flexibility analysis of superheated steam pipelines at the EPR II power plant units for our client CEZ Energetické produkty. The purpose of the analysis was to verify the settings of individual spring hangers, including recommended measures for bringing them into their working areas.

Teplarna Trmice - Documentation for implementation of high-pressure steam pipelines

At the end of February, we completed documentation for the implementation of high-pressure steam pipes on the K6 boiler at the Trmice Heating Plant in the Czech Republic, which is operated by CEZ.