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Printing and copy services

Czech version only Read more

Part time job for students

Are you interested in gaining new working experience? Join our team, now! Read more

Boiler Conference Brno 2017

IVITAS introduced boiler concept for black coal multidust combustion Read more

TPP Detmarovice – gas boiler room extension

IVITAS drew up the project documentation for building permit and the technical part of the tender documentation

Orifice plates

Orifice plates installation for K3 boiler at Thermal power plant Chvaletice was successfully completed in December 2016. Read more


IVITAS successfully put into operation 8 pcs of silencers for Ledvice gas-fired power plant. Read more

Prunerov power plant (3x250MWe) – complex rehabilitation

IVITAS is the author of conceptual design and realization documentation for the boiler rehabilitation project. Currently, supervision services are provided by IVITAS in line with finalization works and hand-over to the investor.

SCR reactor – Detmarovice power plant

IVITAS realizes first ever SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) reactor in the Czech Republic. Read more

Detmarovice power plant (DeNOx program)

IVITAS is the author of conceptual design of the primary measures and realization documentation for the boiler rehabilitation project (fuel - hard coal).

Technical Calculations

  • ArcelorMittal Frydek-Mistek s.r.o.
  • Assessment of the technical condition of the K3 steam boiler drum
  • CEZ, a.s.
  • Tisova Power Plant, proposal for measures to reduce NOx emissions
  • Assessment of heat generation during operational mode at the Detmarovice Power Plant
  • Feasibility study for the reconstruction of pulverized coal boilers in the Chvaletice Power Station
  • Tisova Power Station, thermal conversion of boilers to determine the possibility of transitioning to a district heating operation
  • Tisova Power Plant, cold end corrosion solutions for a Ljungström rotary air heater
  • Dalkia Czech Republic
  • Proposed measures to reduce NOx emissions in boilers K3, K4 and K5 in the Trebovice Power Plant
  • Assess the possibility of burning Polish fuel in the ET II boilers at the Trebovice Power Plant
  • Danstoker A/S
  • Thermal, hydraulic and stress analysis of the condensing heat exchanger
  • Stress and static calculations of pressure tanks
  • IVITAS, a.s.
  • Ivitas Combustion Test Facility
  • MERKO CZ, a.s.
  • Thermal, hydraulic and stress analysis of flue gas heat exchanger - water
  • Siemens, s.r.o.
  • Thermal, hydraulic and stress analysis of the water - gas heat exchanger
  • TENZA, a.s.
  • Inspection of a fluidized bed boiler for thermal conversion at the Strakonice Heating Plant
  • Trinecke zelezarny, a.s.
  • Implementation of a non-destructive testing surface supply tank, separator drum and steam cleaning BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace) for the Steel Mill
  • Prunerov II Power Plant, restoration of a 250 MWe power plant
  • Tusimice II. Power Plant, implementation of a once-through boiler project for a 200 MWe block

Design of Energy Installations

  • Biocel Paskov, a.s.
  • Documentation for the exchange of a compressor, including piping
  • CEZ, a.s.
  • Beater wheel mill 40 t/h – EPC contractor
  • Optimization of the live steam pipelines supports and hangers in the Vítkovice Heating Plant
  • Coal thawing tunnel - Detmarovice Power Station - detailed design
  • DANSTOKER, Denmark
  • Documentation for 1 - 10 MW steam and hot water boilers
  • Modification of OXYVIT K2 boiler system - basic and detailed design
  • IVITAS, a.s.
  • Ivitas Combustion Test Facility
  • JINPO PLUS a.s.
  • Ledvice Power Plant, detailed design of an external connecting piping
  • Ledvice Power Plant, Authorized documentation for the Basic and Detailed Design - Piping bridges
  • MOGET -a.s.
  • Workshop documentation for a biomass - biogas tank
  • Technomont Frydek-Mistek s.r.o.
  • Assembling and workshop documentation for a genera overhaul of K9 at DEZA Valasske Mezirici
  • Workshop documentation and stress analysis of the tank at the Biocel Paskov complex
  • Assembling and workshop documentation for a general overhaoul of K7 at DEZA Valasske Mezirici
  • U.S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o.
  • Detailed design of the modification of flue gas boilers above the converters
  • Ustav jaderneho vyzkumu Rez a.s.
  • TPP 2 x 250 MWe, internal connecting piping
  • Workshop documentation of the powder-ducts and burners
  • Prunerov II. Power Plant, complex refurbishement of the 3x250 MWe power plant
  • Tusimice II. Power Plant, basic and detailed design for once-through boilers for a 4x200 MWe units
  • TPP 2 x 145 MWe , internal connecting pipelines - detailed design
  • TPP 2 x 145 Mwe, design documentation for non-pressure parts
  • Neyweli, study of once-through tower steam generator for a 2x500 MWe units
  • Ledvice Power Plant, stress and expansion analysis for internal connecting piping
  • Tusimice Power Plant, Ljungstrom washing system, detailed design
  • B&W VØLUND, Denmark
  • Workshop documentation for a 80 t/h steam boiler
  • Workshop documentation for a 43 t/h steam boiler

Design of Industrial Structures

  • BKB Metal, a.s.
  • Administration building for the membrane walls production line
  • CEZ, a.s.
  • Vitkovice Heating Plant, Facilities for technical records
  • Detmarovice Power Station, repair and renovation of a coal thawing tunnel
  • ELMONTEX a.s.
  • Cable interconnection of switching stations - steel construction
  • IVITAS, a.s.
  • IVITAS Combustion Test Facility
  • POSITOR s.r.o.
  • Michalkovice Training and Education Center
  • Technical Records Apartment Building in Ostrava, Svabinskeho 17
  • Projekt HTL, s.r.o.
  • Building permit documentation and laying of the foundation for a falling dart test machine
  • Documentation for the foundation of a CTHN 3000 Press (for TREVA Ltd.)
  • Modernization of steel plant for the ZDB GROUP, Inc.
  • VITKOVICE a.s.
  • Demolition and relocation of the pipeline network and steel structures in the Dolni region, 3D visualization and laser scanning
  • Press machine - production hall, foundations for technological equipments
  • Construction of a cooling system for a turbo compressor
  • An integrated system of secondary metallurgy at the VITKOVICE STEEL, Inc. Steel Plant
  • Public CNG filling station, documentation for the building permit
  • CNG Production Hall for steel container manufacturing
  • Foundation for a FRPQ 300 Mill
  • Increase in the hot section production capacity for the Kvata 3.5 m
  • Foundation for crankshaft assembly pit
  • Vitkovice Dolni region - 3D visualization and laser scanning
  • Demonstration Unit - flexible energy system
  • Foundation for chamber furnaces at the ArcelorMittal Steel complex
  • Construction work in machining shop test area


  • CEZ, a.s.
  • Electronic archive
  • JINPO PLUS a.s.
  • Ledvice power station, printing and documentation completion for the contract
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  • Vitkovicke slevarny, spol. s r.o.