Technical calculations


Proposed measures to reduce emissions of NOx in boilers K3, K4 and K5 at the Trebovice Electric Power Plant (Dalkia Czech Republic, a.s. - 2010)

 Assess the possibility of burning fuel in boilers at the Trebovice II Electric Power Plant in ETB (Dalkia Czech Republic, a.s. - 2008)

 Feasibility study for the reconstruction of PG 655 powdered coal boilers (using coal shipped from Poland) at the Chvaletice Electric Power Plant (CEZ, a.s. - 2007)

 Assessment of defects in pressure vessels using a non-destructive method: Heating plant - ArcelorMittal Frydek – Mistek, a.s.

 Assessment of the influence of heat generation during the operating mode of a PG 650 boiler at the Detmarovice Electric Power Plant (CEZ, a.s. - 2011)
Our experts carry out thermal, hydraulic and aerodynamic calculations according to our own programs, stress analysis of pressure parts in the IDA NEXIS and NEXX programs, and calculating piping routes in the CAE PIPE program.

A program for performing thermal calculations of steam and hot water boilers with a combustion chamber was developed by our specialists – a calculation methodology based on the 1984 industry standards ON 07 0417 for thermal calculations of a steam boiler, with modifications resulting from the practice and experience gained in the design and construction of boilers.

We offer the following types of calculations:

  • Heat and balance calculations
  • Stress analysis of pressure parts of the boiler according to EN 12952 and EN 13480
  • Aerodynamic calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Calculations of wall temperature
  • CFD modeling

Software - CAD programs

  • AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk INVENTOR®

Software – Calculation programs

  • NEX
  • Our own programs for heat, hydraulic and aerodynamic calculations