Design of Energy Installations


Comprehensive reconstruction of Electric Power Plants:

Detailed design of once-through steam boilers for a 200 MWee block at the Tušimice II Electric Power Plant (VÍTKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING, a.s. - 2007)

 Optimization design of the recovery boiler at the Prunerov II coal power plant (VÍTKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING, a.s., 2007)

 Ledvice Electric Power Plant: Detailed design of the pipe bridges for the outer connecting pipe

Steel mills:

Creation of documentation for the treatment of boiler flue gas above the converters for the steel mill - U.S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o.

 Design for improving the K2 boiler system - OXYVIT for EVRAS VITKOVICE Steel, a.s.


Proposed measures to reduce NOx emissions  from the boiler at the Tisova Electric Power Plant

 Proposed measures to reduce NOx emissions from the K3, K4 and K5 boilers at the Trebovice Electric Power Plant (Dalkia Czech Republic) including assessment for changes to the fuel

Workshop documentation

Workshop documentation for a 225 m3 storage tank for Biocel Paskov, a.s.

 Workshop documentation for a biomass - biogas tank for MOGET, a.s.
The focus of our work falls within the field of energy facilities, where we specialize in the design and construction of boilers and boiler rooms with top performance. This specialization requires expertise across a range of engineering professions that are found within our company.

We complete all documentation with respect to the future technical functionality of the facility using professional INVENTOR or PDMS software. The design documentation is derived from the 3D model created in PDMS or INVENTOR and then put into 2D using the AutoCAD painting and drawing software, which provides tools for completion drawings to the level of detailed design or manufacturing documentation.

Ivitas has a sophisticated system of database design, where device specifications are inserted into the 3D model, technological schemes and strength calculations.

We offer the following power engineering services:

  • Studies
  • Basic designs
  • Detailed designs
  • Assembling and workshop documentation
  • Supervision
  • Documentation of the current status


  • AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk INVENTOR®